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Glass Straws Make Everything Taste Better

There are two things we know to be true about straws.  

  1. Straws are destroying the beauty of our planet by the millions every day and we must stop producing and using single-use straws.
  2. Kids love straws.

BittyMugs and GlassDharma Glass Straws - a perfect match!

So what do you do in this conundrum?  You find reusable straws.

We've tried a few different options, and for a long time I thought the solution was going to be in bamboo straws, but I soon realized how difficult it is to see if the bamboo is clean or not.  Plus they tend to crack over time with the heat of the dishwasher, and frankly, we just couldn't be bothered with them.

We tried metal straws, and even the fun kind with spoons on the end, but somehow every smoothie, cocktail and glass of water tasted like metal AND we didn't like the feeling of cold metal on our lips.

Glass Straws, Metal Straws and Plastic Straws (yuck)

The all time FAVORITE straw in our family are GlassDharma Glass straws.  We've been using our glass straws for months now, and so far we've had great reviews from kids and adults.  I love the smooth texture of the glass.  The weight of the straw feels fancy and solid, and they're surprisingly quite durable.  Plus they're not as cold as the metal straws.

GlassDharma Glass Straws

The GlassDharma straws are the original glass straws, a fantastic company to work with, AND if your straws ever break, they'll give you a new one with no questions asked.  Now that's good service.

We've recently graduated to the smoothie sized straws, which are just as great for sipping water, smoothies and - as we found out this morning - Cream of Wheat.  Our kids eat twice as much Cream of Wheat through a straw - so that's good for an efficient morning!

Since we like these straws so much, we've reached out to GlassDharma so we can bring you the perfect pairing to your BittyMugs!  

For a limited time, Wildini is offering TWO 5" Earth Straws with a set of mugs for only $27.00.  Get yours now while supplies last.

Heather is the founder of Wildini™, a zero waste company dedicated to supporting animal conservation through eco-friendly products for kids. "As a kid I always wanted to help save wild animals and Wildini is a vehicle to living that dream." says Heather. Heather writes about minimizing waste, animal conservation successes and clever products at Wildini.com.

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