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Raise Money for your School!

Searching for a Better Fundraiser for your School?  

If you're eager for something outside the traditional silent auctions and gadget sales, think BittyMugs™!  

Your team can break the status quo, and have fun doing it, by focusing on a new funding source - entrepreneurs.  By taking advantage of a win-win agreement, your next fundraiser could be successful in more ways than one.  Waste Free.  Forward Thinking.  Eco-Friendly.

Give Them Something They Want

When it comes to fundraising, the challenge to inspire others to give is especially difficult when what you’re selling isn’t something families need or even want.   On the other hand, working with small start-ups to bring new, interesting products to market is invigorating and more gratifying.

Support Small Businesses for Social Good

Wildini is a small start-up in Bellingham, WA, and we can help you raise money for your kid-friendly program through sales of BittyMugs - small, innovative ceramic mugs just for kids.  With every sale, we donate back to your school AND to animal conservation.

Fundraising with BittyMugs™ is Easy.  

We’ve filled in all the blanks, so all you have to do is say YES!  To learn more about our kid-sized ceramic mugs that are only 3” tall, and visit our product pages to see our selection of animal designs.

Apply for our program and upon acceptance, we’ll set you up with images for social media posts, newsletter announcements and in-school promotional materials.

How It Works

  1. Customer purchases BittyMugs™ online at http://wildini.com and enters a school-specific promo code during checkout.
  2. Customer get a Free Shipping option to pick-up mugs at their school the first week of the following month or they can choose regular, paid 2-Day shipping to any address.
  3. For every set of mugs sold with your code, Wildini donates $5 to your organization.
  4. Wildini delivers mugs to your school in one shipment, arriving the first week of the month.
  5. Wildini sends a donation check the first week of the month.

Apply for Wildini’s Fundraiser Program

By supporting local entrepreneurs, you and your donors get the personal satisfaction of backing self-starters in your community AND promoting new, unusual products.

Fill out the form below to receive additional information about our Fundraiser program. We will contact you for more details within 2 business days.

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