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Benefits of BittyMugs

The Ideal Kids Mug for Your Little Whippersnapper!

We specialize in products that fit busy kids.  Do you happen to have one of those?

Toddler holding orange lion BittyMug

Have you ever prepared a beautiful meal?  The one where everything was done cooking on time.  Where you paired a perfectly balanced meal with all the napkins, drinks, silverware and condiments.  Then, just when you decided to sit down, CLINK CRASH...dribble.....dribble..."oops!"  And down goes one of the kids' drinks spilling all over the table, down Johnny's lap and onto the floor.  Suddenly you jump up, scramble to get a towel, mop up the mess while calming your toddler who is crying in frustration.  Has this ever been you?  

I have been there.  Several times.  Almost daily.

That's why I designed BittyMugs™.  The first mugs made just for little kids.   With mugs just their size, our kids spill less, are more independent and more responsible at the table.  

Save yourself the trouble of mopping up the aftermath of another spillage.  Get your kids (and yourself) a BittyMug™. 

What are BittyMugs?

BittyMugs™ are ceramic mugs designed by a mom out of Bellingham, WA specifically for young children. Rather than asking to share “mom’s mug,” children can feel independent using their own 4oz ceramic mugs. Because the mugs are ceramic, they are microwave and dishwasher safe. In addition, you won’t have to worry about BPA or other toxic chemicals leaching into your children’s food, like any plastic options. The kids mugs come in six different colors all which feature their own animal and a portion of sale proceeds are donated to conservation efforts toward that animal.

Help Your Kids Become More Independent & Responsible

Toddler pouring his own milk into a BittyMug

Little kids ages 2-6 like to drink tea, hot chocolate and warm milk.  Our mugs are made to be durable just for them.  Whether you use them for milk mugs, water cups or ceramic snack cups, they are sized just right for little hands.

With a little help from you, kids as young as 2 can learn to use real kid sized ceramic mugs.  If you give them the responsibility, it's surprising how quickly kids learn to be careful.  

Now, if your child throws a cup across the room, it’s might break, so don't go that far. With a little time and patience, you can teach your kids how to use them and their BittyMug™ could become one of their most beloved possessions.

Voted "Favorite Kids Mug"

If your kids have ever claimed a favorite cup or bowl, their first BittyMug™ will surely be a contender.   With BittyMugs™, your kids get a perfectly sized mug in a fun color with their favorite animal.  What more could a kid ask for?  Once they hold one, they'll love the way it sits in their hands and how it feels on their lips.  

Pure comfort.  

BittyMug Bottoms

Get Your Own, Mom

And by the way, moms & dads love them too, especially for little half cups of coffee and espresso.   Americano anyone?   Express the animal lover inside and get an extra set of BittyMugs™ too! 

We've had customers all over the world purchasing these as espresso mugs, hot toddy cups and even wine mugs - since they're only 4 oz, they fit snugly in your hand and just feel good. 

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