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Unique Gifts Parents Will Be Happy About

For kids whose parents are tired of toy after plastic toy appearing in their living room, Wildini comes to the rescue.  We make useful products that are fun and earth-friendly.

If you're looking for a gift that will be well used, brings continuous joy, promotes healthy living and is earth friendly, give BittyMugs.   Kids adore them, they teach fine motor skills, are hard to tip over, come in plastic free packaging and every purchase gives back to the environment.  

Our products are made to be durable and practical so they can last a lifetime and be passed from one generation to another.  Truly delightful, kids enjoy using our products and parents do too.

Real Animals Benefit from Every Purchase

Wildini carefully chooses the animals on our products so we can donate a portion of our profits to that animal somewhere in the world.  Whether it be through a wildlife conservation fund, research program or a dedicated animal sanctuary, we are driven by the desire to help wild animals stay wild.  

If we are to make a difference for the animals we must balance economic and environmental support in the communities around them.   Humans and animals can live peacefully when both their needs are met.  The organizations we support emphasize creative projects that help animals by helping the people.  We hope our grandchildren will one day see an elephant or a lion in the wild, which is a tender possibility.   By purchasing a BittyMug, you too are supporting animal welfare worldwide.

Toward Zero Waste

Wildini is dedicated to becoming a zero-waste company.  You will find that our products & packaging don’t include any new plastic.  Wherever possible, we reuse packaging materials we receive from our vendors and customers, and we find ways to repurpose everything from our broken mugs to our lunch waste.  Wildini is built on the premise that sustainability is of the utmost importance when working to preserve the environment for ourselves and our animals.  

Designed by a Mom from Bellingham, WA

Wildini is a company founded by me, Heather Alvis.  I work out of my home in Bellingham, WA which is about as far northwest as one can travel in the continental United States.   I live with my two kids, my thoughtful husband, 15-year old dog, a cat, a few chickens and several thousand honeybees.  

My first product idea, the BittyMug, came to me after looking far and wide for an alternative to plastic mugs for my kids who loved drinking tea, warm milk and hot chocolate.  Kids are drawn to things that are small in size, and I love the sense of ownership and pride they have when they can start to use real tools on their own.  Since I couldn't find the mugs I was looking for, I created them as a way to help other families that want plastic free options for their kids.  

An added bonus is that I have a love for art and animals.  The animals on the first set of BittyMugs came from a series of paintings I made when my daughter was born.  I always wanted to instill a love for wild animals in my kids.  Now with BittyMugs, I hope to take that a step further and inspire children worldwide to love & support the natural world.


Mom sharing kid sized mugs with toddler and young child.  Ceramic kids mugs are plastic free and make great toddler gifts.

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