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Plastic-Free Tip: Buy Unwrapped Toilet Paper

Plastic Free Unwrapped Seventh Generation Toilet Paper
Never go without toilet paper again.  You can order toilet paper NOT wrapped in plastic by using direct purchase from your local Co-Op or Amazon’s subscription option for Seventh Generation toilet paper.  It is 50% post consumer recycled paper and 50% pre-consumer recycled paper, which means half of it comes from the paper we put in recycle bins.  The other half comes from byproduct of paper products.  
I originally found this tip from Beth Terry's book Plastic Free, and even many years after its publication, this is the only way I’ve ever seen TP for sale that is wrapped and packaged only in paper.  
We get a giant box every 6 months automagically delivered, which suits our household of 4 just fine.  We never run out of toilet paper, and one less bulky thing in the shopping cart.   

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