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Can We Avoid Using Plastic

"Avoid plastic products whenever possible? Yah right, there's no way!"  

You may think this, especially when it comes to food.   We know it’s tough, because most everything comes packaged in plastic: Our vegetables, cereals, cheese, ketchup, toothbrushes, lotions, markers, toys and even our toilet paper.  In some cases, plastic is a good solution, but how can we ever get away from it in our food?

Then there’s the convenience factor.  Being a parent, we want to reduce our garbage and teach our kids to make earth-friendly choices, but the convenience of freshly washed baby lettuce, night time pull-ups and individual servings of fruity snacks are sometimes too hard to pass up.  We know how easy it is to let convenience outweigh values because it happens to us too.

Fortunately, you do have control over how you serve food to your kids.  You can choose ceramic, metal, bamboo or glass, all of which have their pros and cons.  When it comes to drinks though, like tea, milk and hot chocolate, ceramic is the best choice.  Wildini's BittyMugs are the only ceramic mugs shaped and designed just for kids.  Fun, spill resistant, durable and adorable, these mugs are the perfect plastic-free choice.

If that wasn’t enough, here are a few more reasons to switch to ceramic.

Heather is the founder of Wildini™, a zero waste company dedicated to supporting animal conservation through eco-friendly products for kids. "As a kid I always wanted to help save wild animals and Wildini is a vehicle to living that dream." says Heather. Heather writes about minimizing waste, animal conservation successes and clever products at Wildini.com.

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