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Brown Bear

Baxter Supports the  International Bear Association (IBA)

Baxter Bear IconThis brown bear mug is sure to be a favorite at the breakfast table.  With a bright orange background, and a favorite character in many children's books, the brown bear is an excellent choice.  Your kids will roar with delight over having their very own mug with tea, hot chocolate, or even soup.  Bitty mugs are comfortable for little hands, so kids as young as 18 months quickly develop the motor skills to handle them with ease.


How Will this Support the Bears?

Brown Bears on a HillsideBy contributing a minimum of 10% of net profits to the IBA, a non-profit organization, you are helping to fund the research and conservation efforts for the bear species of the world.  Baxter currently represents 8 bear species across the world including the Brown Bear, Black Bear, Polar Bear Sun Bear and Giant Panda. All donations support The International Association for Bear Research and Management(IBA)

A Little About Bears

Brown Bear Female with CubsThe Brown Bear (Grizzly Bear) is characterized by a distinctive hump on the shoulders, a slightly dished profile to the face, and long claws on the front paws.   They occupy the widest range of habitats of any bear species including dense coastal forests, boreal forests, sub alpine mountain areas, tundra, deciduous forests, and desert and semi-desert areas. They were once abundant on the central plains of North America and throughout much of Europe, but have since been exterminated from most of these areas.   

Bears eat all kinds of berries, grasses, bulbs, roots, insects, fish and small mammals.  Sometimes they eat large hoofed mammals such as moose calves, caribou and elk calves.  Most of the time bears prefer to live alone except females when they are accompanied by their cubs.  

Why Support the IBA?

The IBA contributes 100% of its donations to research and conservation projects throughout the world.   Your funds will go directly to biologists working to educate the public, protect threatened habitats, and mitigate land-use issues related to bears.  Researchers work in the field and have first-hand knowledge fo these species, and with your support, they can extend their projects, improve their equipment, and gather more accurate data.  This work has broad implications for managers of parks and preserves in grizzly habitat.

Love and Appreciate Your Bears

Purchase a Baxter Bitty Mug today, and the child in your life will love everything about it for years to come.  

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