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Our Elephants Support the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT)

Wildini's Elephant IconPurchase Wildini elephant products and a minimum of 10% of net profits will be donated to benefit the conservation work of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya.  This organization is the most successful orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world and one of the pioneering conservation organizations for wildlife and habitat protection in East Africa. To date, the DSWT has successfully hand-raised over 150 elephants and reintroduced most of them back into wild herds of Tsavo National Park in Africa.

Why Support DSWT & the Elephants?

Elephants are gentle, majestic and playful creatures.  The massive size contrasted with the nurturing & emotional nature of these animals is incredibly heart-warming.   Touched by the memoir Love, Life and Elephants, written by Daphne Sheldrick, and stricken by the organization's relentless fight for animal conservation, we proudly support DSWT.

Elephants are iconic animals in our stories, movies, songs and toys, and it's high time we do something to help them.  Spread your support of Wildini products and join our mission to save the elephants.   

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A Little About Elephants

Baby Twin Elephants with Mom ElephantAsian and African elephants that live throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. Elephants will live in almost any habitat that provides plentiful food and water. Populations are scattered throughout sub-Saharan Africa and the rain forests of Central and West Africa.

The large tusks on either side of the elephant’s face—used to forage for food and water—have long been desired by people. Poachers kill elephants for their ivory, which is then sold and made into anything from jewelry to religious objects. At current poaching rates, elephant populations may not survive 10 years in the wild.

Why Support DSWT?

With your help, DSWT can continue working on vital programs like providing training to, and equipping, wildlife scouts; setting aside protected areas for elephant habitats; and educating the public on the atrocities of wildlife crime. Donate for a cause that will help with wildlife conservation and ensure the elephants still roam for your children to see and enjoy. 

WILD :: Kenya's Elephants and The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust from Village Beat on Vimeo.

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