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Sam Squirrel Supports Squirrel Refuge

Sam Squirrel IconSam represents these fuzzy little creatures that delight us with their playful antics and determination to cause a little trouble. Backyard squirrels are found all over the world, and even though they're so common, little children tend to admire them because they can see them scurrying about - more so than most other animals.  This little guy is a familiar and fun character your children will connect with immediately upon seeing him.

How Will This Support Squirrels?

Squirrel Eating a NutPurchasing Sam's mug and we will send a minimum of 10% of net profits from each purchase to Squirrel Refuge - a nonprofit committed to providing wildlife rehabilitation, education, and humane treatment for squirrels.  The Refuge receives all kinds of animals that need care, such as possums, bunnies, birds, and foxes, and they specialize in helping squirrels that have been injured or orphaned.    All wildlife rehabilitation efforts center around the primary goal to return wild animals back to their rightful place in the wild.

In collaboration with other conservation organizations such as Conservation Northwest, Squirrel Refuge  works diligently to educate people about the western gray squirrel and its habitat: the rare and unique oak-woodland prairies of Washington.

A Little About Squirrels

Red Squirrel Eating  a NutSquirrels are indigenous to most areas of the world except cold arctic zones and super dry deserts.  They thrive in almost all habitats, which is why we see them so often.  They have excellent vision, and versatile claws.  Unlike most mammals, they can descend a tree head-first because they can rotate their ankles 180 degrees!  There are about 285 species of squirrel, and some live in trees while others live underground.  Interestingly, squirrels can't digest cellulose, so they rely on nuts, tree buds, seeds conifer cones and fungi most of the time.  One of three subspecies of native tree squirrels, the western gray relies on the diverse old-growth canopies of pine, oak, and fir, for natal dens, food, travel, and protection. 

Why Support the Squirrel Refuge?

Squirrel Poking Its Head Out of a Hole in a TreeBy sending donations to Squirrel Refuge, you are helping to support the many volunteers that work tirelessly to help your everyday animals in need.  Critters that get hit by a passing car, or whose mother was injured or killed by a dog or predator.  If you've ever found a baby squirrel, duckling or bird, places like Squirrel Refuge are first in line to take them in and help. Once they arrive, the volunteers do everything they can to help the animal - and Squirrel Refuge does not resort to euthanasia unless it is absolutely the last option.  Every dollar donated goes to supplies, education materials, and food for the animals. 

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