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Waldorf & Montessori School Drinkware

Searching for a Mug for your Child to Take to Montessori or Waldorf School?  

Congratulations on the decision to send your child to a program with a "whole child" philosophy.  Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia and many other schools share several valuable concepts, including teaching kids to be responsible and independent by using real tools and dishes.  When dishes are sized proportionately to your kids, they're bound to be more successful.  If you're searching for a small toddler-sized mug, get a BittyMug™.  Waste Free.  Forward Thinking.  Eco-Friendly.

Give Them High Quality Over Quantity

Shopping can be frustrating and especially difficult when everything is cheaply made and you're looking for long-lasting, quality materials.   BittyMugs™ and all of Wildini's products are vetted for the highest level of workmanship available.  Each of our mugs is cast, glazed and fired by hand with a minimum firing temperature of 1280C, which is higher than most.  At these high temperatures, moisture is removed from the clay which keeps the mug from getting too hot for kids to hold. 

Personalize Your Mugs with a Name

In case your child needs to find their mug among a group of mugs, we can personalize yours with a name.  When you checkout, just use the "personalize" option, include the first name in the comment field, and we will create a handwritten, personalized mug.

Support Small Businesses for Social Good - Toward Zero Waste and Plastic Free

Wildini is a small start-up in Bellingham, WA, and we create nearly zero trash in our manufacturing and packaging processes.  We are committed to proper disposal of glaze and ceramic byproducts with a strong commitment to environmental preservation.   All of our cardboard packaging is reused and we are committed to eliminating plastic wherever possible.  

Is Fundraising with BittyMugs™ a Fit for Your School?  

If your school is an ideal place fo BittyMugs™, let us know!  We’ve got a popular school fundraising program open to any organization looking to raise money.  All you have to do is say YES!  To learn more about our school fundraisers, click here.

Apply for our program and upon acceptance, we’ll set you up with images for social media posts, newsletter announcements and in-school promotional materials.

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